Evan @ Maison de L'amitei - 6-18-16_001.png

You’ve probably heard you can rez packages & stuff at a Sandbox, but that doesn’t usually feel like a home. Here’s another option for an almost free home base. This shot was taken at Maison de L’amitie, a lovely sim with rez rights for group members. The group join fee is $L 100 (about 40 cents) to help pay for the sim & keep out troublemakers. The owner changes up the sim seasonally, which is nice if you get bored. This is the current summer landscape. There are tiny beach cottages, a beach grotto, a small castle, castle ruins, & a stage – all quiet enough for dressing or hanging out with a friend. The sim rating is Moderate, so nudity is ok, but be aware that other people might not want to see you getting it on with another avatar. Available prims are limited too, so don’t try to rez a whole house & please clean up after yourself. Donations are appreciated & help to keep the sim alive.

Evan (my guy alt) is wearing a standard body & shape with DEVAN, the June group gift skin from 7 Deadly s{K}ins. This is not a free group, but has many free & discounted skins for group members. I think their male skins are especially nice & have options for the major male mesh bodies – Slink, Adam, & TMP. His eyes are from the SLB13 birthday cake gift set from ID at TMD ( The Men’s Department). Also free from the birthday cake gifts at TMD are the Milky Platinum hairbase from Dura, the Boston frame glasses from Amerie M, the Short Sleeve Shirt (standard, Slink, TMP) from Gabriel, the Hollow Cross Pendant from etham, Flip-flop sandals from BlankLine, the 2 wood crate seats from revival, and the Voda Water Bottle Prop from AITUI (incudes attachable versions).

Evan @ Monsterbox 2.png

Another cool alternative to a standard sandbox is Monsterbox. This Adult sandbox is not crowded & has an extensive variety of fantasy settings. Use the sim for opening packages, dressing, or roleplay. You can get naughty here too if you want. Group membership is not required to rez here, but I’m sure donations would be appreciated. – Evan is wearing the Sports Towel from K, another SLB13 gift at TMP, & posing on the SLB13 pose gift from Inertia.

Evan @ Naked - 6-18-16.png


There are plenty of classier adult sims where you can rez items & use adult animations when you join the group. One of my favorites is Naked, a 10 region nudist sim with dancing, art exhibits & sailing. Here’s Evan at Naked, wearing a free mesh demo body from The Mesh Project, The Shops. The demo version comes with a color change pair of shorts & limited options for skin color. If you want your male avatar to look good naked for free, it’s not bad. If you can afford to pay for a male mesh body, I suggest Slink Male or Adam from EVE & ADAM, because they’re cheaper & easier to use. For a free penis attachment, the Hugsie on the SL Marketplace is pretty good & the HUD for it is easy to use. If you can afford to buy your penis attachment, I think the ones from Aeros are best.