Evan @ Sandalphon - 6-18-16_001.png

Sandalphon is another interesting sim where anyone can rez free. This place in nice for photos, roleplay, unpacking & dressing, or exploring & visiting with friends. It’s advertised as a LGBTQ friendly sim, but anyone can hang out here as long as they’re not being obnoxious. A chill spot for humans, animals or furries. Donate if you can & always clean up your prims.

Evan @ Sandalphon - 6-18-16_003.png

Evan’s wearing the free Logan shirt from Cold Ash, found at The Men’s Department (TMP) & Kevin mesh hair with color change HUDs from babe, their SLB13 gift at Hairology.

Evan @ Sandalphon - 6-18-16_004.png