Lavian&Co is one of my favorite SL shops for free group gifts. The group currently costs $L 699 to join, but that’s well worth the massive amount of free mesh clothes their group members can get. Since the group gifts are mostly older outfits, they have a few problems (such as varying delivery systems & some not fitting perfectly), but one can’t complain about these extensive freebies. – Really, don’t complain about them, because the primary group owner doesn’t put up with that & will eject you from the group if you complain in her group chat.
If you have a Maitreya Lara, Belleza or Slink mesh body, many of the newer outfits have fitted mesh for them. The majority of the group gifts are in standard mesh sizes only, but most HUDs for mesh bodies allow you to use alpha cuts to wear standard mesh too. If you don’t have a mesh body, these outfits will still look great on your avatar. Just use the alpha layers that come with them. Most of them also have color change HUDs, so you effectively get several versions of the same outfit, without adding that much extra inventory.
Lavian_005If you don’t have $L 699 to spend or don’t want to spend that much right now, Sexy Shoppers & SL Frees & Offers are 2 free groups that allow you to pick up a taste of Lavian&Co style for free.
Lavian_003If you have a little money to spend in SL, check out the many weekly sales here too. If you have a bit more to spend, you can sample many more outfits inside the main store. Try the demos first, then buy the outfits you like best.
If you can afford the $L 699 group join free, however, you’ll never be wanting for nice mesh outfits to wear. (I’m wearing one of the group gifts here. My hair is a SLB13 gift.)