This is the last weekend for this round of the effectively free Premium account discount. If you like playing in SL and have $11.25 available to spend in PayPal, your bank account, or possibly a credit card account. I advise signing up for the 3 month half price deal before midnight August 1, SLT (Pacific Time). For $ 11.25, you’ll get spaces for 60 groups instead of only 42, an extra Picks page, access to Premium sandboxes, a Linden Home or free tier for 512m land, halfway decent customer support, $L 300/ week, and $L 1000 after 45 days if you sign up an account that’s never been Premium. To make this clear on why this is effectively free, you’ll get about $15.50 US worth of linden dollars even if you don’t get the $L 1000 first-timer bonus. Figuring in the fee for exchanging lindens for dollars, that still comes out as over $ 13 US.

Infamous set - Zerkalo_004
Here’s a free Linden Home I got for my alt Alycia. Avatars can rez up to 117 land-impact of prims in these houses. This is the Tahoe style. You’ll have a few options for colors and textures. There are other styles available too. With these houses, you get fewer land rights than with leasing land directly from Linden Lab, but can set the parcel to keep out strangers and not let others see you or other avatars inside it.

Zerkalo group gifts_001
For free low land-impact furniture for your home, I highly recommend these zerkalo group gifts. Check out their incentive for having the store in your Profile Picks too!

Infamous set - Zerkalo_001
The “Infamous” sofa & chair set from the zerkalo group gifts comes in several colors, is modifiable, and has a land impact of 5 for the sofa, 3 for the chair. Their bean bag chair group gift (not show here) has a land impact of 2 and is also modifiable. The color-change gown Alycia is wearing is one of many, many free group gifts at Lavian&Co. The sandals are a free group gift at KC Couture (fitted for the Maitreya Lara mesh body).

Infamous set - Zerkalo_003
I modified the zerkalo “Leather Couch” group gift by tinting the blanket & pillow red, then stretching it wider to look more like a bed. This couch has a land impact of 3, comes in several colors, and has both PG & Adult animation versions. The loft floor I made from 2 box prims has a land impact of 1 when set to Convex Hull, as does the ramp I made to walk up to it.

The Tahoe homes come with fireplaces or stoves that don’t add to your land impact, so the pieces I added total only 15 land impact points / out of 117 available for each home. This leaves plenty available for further furnishings and for rezzing packages to open.

* Remember though, if you don’t want to pay $ 22.50 for your next 3 months of Premium membership, either downgrade to a free Basic account or buy an annual Premium membership for $72 US before your 3 months are over. When your 3 months are over, you can exchange your lindens for dollars and either take them out of SL or save them for the next Premium account sale.