* Note this sale has been extended one more week! *

Lumae group gifts_005There are many good skin stores in SL that have free group gifts, but my personal favorite is Lumae. All of the skins here come with appliers for mesh bodies. The newer ones have them for the leading mesh heads too. Some stores give only limited skins in their group gifts, but Lumae gives extensive packs with all kinds of variations & appliers.

Lumae group gifts_001

Lumae group gifts_003 I also love their fantasy skins. I like each of my avatars to have a unique look & personality, so once I find a skin I like for them, I don’t often change it except to look non-human.
Lumae group gifts_002
This weekend is your last chance to get these discontinued skins for $L 100 each or $L 400 fat-packs with multiple makeups. Whether you like pretty female human skins or pretty female non-human skins, you’ll likely love this store.
Lumae group gifts_004
These lovely discontinued Niska skins in white work for a gothic vampire look, a porcelein doll, or a geisha. The mermaid skins here are gorgeous too.

*Note – Always try demos first before buying stuff.