I woke from an anxiety dream a couple hours ago. Still awake at 5 am, so I’m recording it here.

post-apoc waterfall

I’m in a post-apocalyptic world and come to a small settlement built over the top of a waterfall. The few people living here seem nice. Then some soldiers or police who remind me of Roman centurions come to check on the people. I think the world is run by aliens or maybe robots, and most of humanity has been wiped out. Those who remain live like slaves in fear of our overlords, or they work for them like these military forces.

I’m scared & think I need to hide from these soldiers. The structure the people are living in also seems to be coming apart from the water constantly rushing around it. I see from outside of it, that it’s not really secure. One man has permission to leave in his truck/ SUV. He seems nice & lets me go with him, hiding under a blanket on the backseat.

I think the blanket isn’t big enough, then think the blankets are never big enough in these types of scenarios. I realize this is a dream, but I still feel scared. I realize that I need to stay calm & believe I’ll be safe in order for me to be safe in the dream, because I know my thoughts & fears create what happens.

The truck/ SUV then turns into a big motorhome with 3 generations of women living in it. There is a grandmother, a mother, & 2 little girls. The man who was driving me is friendly with them. The grandmother does most of the talking. I’m still worried about the military finding & threatening us, but these woman seem pretty secure & confident. I wake.

Interpretation notes:

Water symbolizes emotion in my dreams. Different kinds of water symbolize different kinds of emotions & emotional states. In this dream, the settlement built over a waterfall represents my current household. I don’t feel fully secure here. The other roommates & I are all poor, emotional, & insecure. The post-apocalyptic setting symbolizes loss, poverty, insecurity, fear, & struggling to survive. The raging waterfall represents strong emotions that threaten to destroy the little security we have. We need to cooperate, but when we feel threatened, we could throw each other under the bus to protect ourselves. There’s a feeling of a society under siege or living in a community that’s under occupation by an enemy force. It feels like we can’t completely trust each other, because we can’t trust the world around us.

The women living in the motorhome are more closely connected & trust each other. There is also the feeling of generations of a family & of the elders having  wisdom. The women can also represent Goddess imagery, as in Maiden, Mother, Crone.  The man who drives me in the truck/ SUV seems like a kind of dream guide or guardian spirit. I don’t feel like I can fight back well in this dream, so to survive I have to hide, stay calm, & think positively.