One of the main uses of this blog is to show how to get good free stuff in Second Life. You can manifest this same desire in physical reality too. I’m not going to explain all the detailed ways, but when you want something & believe it’s possible, you can make it happen. As an example, getting free food when you don’t have much money, might seem nearly impossible, but it’s not. Just focus on your desire & try to think outside the box for ways to manifest it.

1. Use the internet. If you’re reading this, you know how to use the internet. Do a Google search on “free food”, “food closets”, “dumpster diving”, “birthday freebies” or whatever comes to mind. Keep looking. New ideas will come your way.

2. A search for “free food”, “free stuff”, or “birthday freebies” will show all kinds of restaurants & other stores that offer discounts & freebies as part of their loyalty programs. Sign up for a bunch of them. Check the websites for all your favorite or local eateries. Also save receipts & do any surveys associated with them. Grab discarded receipts from the trash if you don’t have enough of your own. Many loyalty programs offer some kind of discount or freebie when you first sign up, then another for your birthday. Sign up at least 2 weeks before you birthday to be sure to get birthday freebies.

3. Become a Mystery Shopper. I got an online invite to join a legitimate mystery shopper program from filling out one of those receipt reviews. You can also find them online by searching for them. Don’t pay to join or pay for shop lists. Having to pay means that program is fraudulent. Once you join, you’ll see online or get in your email lists of shops for which the owners or companies want reviews of their stores & customer service. If you can follow written directions, drive, pay attention, use a timer, take digital pictures, & give honest, unbiased reviews on your computer, you can be a mystery shopper. These jobs usually take an hour or 2 of your time & don’t pay much, but the eateries reimburse you for the food you buy, so it’s effectively free. Others may pay a few dollars, which adds up if you’re a regular shopper. This kind of job gives you a lot of flexibility to decide when & how much you want to work. It’s also kind of fun, because your opinion of a store & it’s employees will be heard.

4. If you don’t have an income or much of an income, you can probably get EBT (what used to be called food stamps). This will be easier in some states than in others & easier in a city than in a rural neighborhood. Don’t worry about the stigma of being on welfare. It’s not that much money, but it helps to be able to buy a few groceries. Search for your local Public Assistance, County Assistance, or related office. Then go fill out the forms. Once you get an EBT card, use it at discount grocery stores to make your food money go further.

5. Search online for food closets near your home address. Often these are church charities that give a couple bags of groceries each month. Often they require proof of where you live & may require proof that you’re low income. Some don’t require much documentation & think if you’re willing to go there, you probably need the food. These can be a great resource, especially if you’re on EBT too. The money available for EBT isn’t much, but added with a good food closet, you can get enough food to eat ok. If you’re homeless & don’t have a regular address, most food closets will still help you.

6. Look for yard sales, stuff set out on the curb & sites like Craig’s List that advertise free stuff. I haven’t used Craig’s List much, but one of my friends used it to get free food when she was desperate. Discount stores & thrift stores are good for discounted stuff, but finding something you need for set out for free on the curb is even better. Put your need or intention out to the universe, then keep your eyes open.

7. Dumpster Diving sounds terrible, but it’s not always. Bakeries may toss out perfectly good bread in clean plastic bags. Grocery stores may toss out good produce too. Read articles & watch YouTube videos on how to do this safely. Bring clean paper or plastic bags, plastic gloves, a hand cleanser, a step stool if you have one, & wash anything that’s not inside a clean bag. Don’t eat anything that might be spoiled. Also consider pet store dumpsters for pet food. Find out your local ordinances & don’t do anything illegal or dangerous. In my experience, unless you get lucky, dumpster diving may be more work & use more gas than it’s worth, but it’s worth checking out if you’re interested.