I still can’t log into Facebook from my laptop. The problem is probably with my antivirus program & easy to fix if I can find the right setting. I was able to log on briefly with my roommate’s computer, so at least I know my account still exists. My last blog post didn’t seem to post to Facebook either, even though I set to do so.

Dealing with an obnoxious roommate is part of the cause of my emotional unrest. Not being able to log on to Facebook when I’ve gotten used to this is another part. There are deeper issues too, of course. I spent most of the morning in my room, but forced myself to go out this afternoon to check my P.O. box, get gas in my car, pick up free food with coupons, & get drinking water for the household. The other roommates paid their share for the water cooler & bottle, but I’m paying a couple dollars each week for the water.

When I got home, nobody had let my dog out, so she’d pooped on the living room carpet. The other roommates were probably napping.

I’m trying to treat myself after doing these few chores & picking up dog poop in the backyard. I got free chicken tacos, a free fish taco, & a free stack of pancakes from IHOP for dinner, as well as a discounted juice drink from Jamba Juice & a little rum to put in it. Now I’m going to watch TV. I keep forcing myself to do small things & get small rewards, but there is still so much more I need to be doing. I feel like I can’t because the house feels so hostile much of the time. Right now it feels ok, because I got out for a while & the other roommates are quietly napping.