I still can’t log onto Facebook, so I’ll post here about my life instead. Since the housemate this post is about is friended to me on Facebook, I also won’t be linking this post there.

This guy was living in this house a couple months before I came here. I was very thankful to get this room cheap and have a place where I can have my dog, but he has mental problems and drug issues that are making the living situation for me and my other housemate horrible.  We’ve told our landlord and sent pictures of some of what’s going on, but we have yet to hear him say anything about trying to evict this guy.

– Actually we had a chance to have him evicted a couple months ago, but he was acting ok then, and we felt sorry for him. We told our landlord he could stay as long as he didn’t have another psychotic episode that required someone to call the police.  We had to call the police one previous time, while neighbors called them out another time when we weren’t here.

Lately we think he’s been smoking meth mixed with his “medical” marijuana. We have evidence and have sent our landlord pictures to support this assumption. He’s also been acting weird, talking to himself, and decorating the garage with odd Halloween decorations.

For example:






This is an electric drill suspended from a wooden lighting frame by clear packing tape, silver duct tape, black electrical tape, and a black electrical cord. Attached to it with tape are a piece of cardboard packaging from some seasonal décor, a flat battery, the clear tape dispenser, and 3 autumn colored M&M’s.  – Not your normal decoration, right?

Slightly less bizarre:


Two plastic cups with faces on them, high on a shelf, with a plastic pumpkin perched atop them


A partially melted purple plastic goblet displayed on top of a cardboard box


A purple spider with sunglasses and a fake purple hand on top of an empty can of dog food

He’s put up some other Halloween decorations in the garage that are less odd than these, such as beer cans perched in strange places, fake black flowers in a beer bottle, and paper decorations set on top of paperback books on a shelf.


Meanwhile he’s moved or hidden this lovely gem, a homemade meth pipe made from an empty air freshener can.


But he left this bowl outside,  covered with a strange white powder. We haven’t tested it yet to see if it’s meth or perhaps laundry detergent.

He eats our food, bangs doors, talks oddly to himself, and takes several showers each day. We’re both scared of him sometimes, angry with him sometimes, and frustrated and annoyed with him pretty much all the time. We want him out ASAP, so we can have something resembling a normal life again .

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  1. Jesus! That is scary. This altered mental status can lead to awful results. I would be highly careful and alert around him. If you can, lock your door every night!

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  2. Thanks. The other housemate & I always sleep with our doors locked at night. We’re documenting all we can for our landlord & authorities, but not often confronting the problematic roommate directly. He seems to not be aggressive, but who knows how someone could act when they’re taking drugs & going psychotic. If this were just marijuana, we wouldn’t worry, but this is psychosis plus other drugs that could make him act violently.


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