…after taking this picture of my housemate doing an illegal burn in the backyard.
(He’s behind the tree trunk, so we can’t see each other.)


He recently bought a bunch of cheap lighters & has been breaking them open to remove the butane. I found on YouTube that butane can be used to make hash oil or shatter from marijuana, as well as for cooking methamphetamine. I took pictures of items in the garage that could be for legal drug production & use.



Our landlord hasn’t responded to emails & pictures, so yesterday I drove to the local fire department to show them pictures & ask what I can do. They suggested telling our roommate not to burn stuff, but also said he seems to have a “fascination with fire”, which I think is polite code for being a firebug.

I started to feel kind of defeated yesterday, because neither our landlord, the police, nor the fire department would do anything about him. Then, before I came home from doing errands,  decided to smile & act confident at home. Maybe the crazy housemate will think I’m up to something & will be a little scared of me.

He talked to me a little yesterday, almost as if he’s normal. Then I saw him put a piece of paper on the old oak tree in back & jump around oddly as if making some kind of supplication to it.


Late last night there was also a piece of paper in his car’s tailpipe & writing in dust on his back window that said “Happy $now Daisies”. I think he did this himself, but my other roommate suggested he should check his car, in case someone had vandalized it.

He’s good at passing for normal for a few minutes, but he’s far from normal. He says he has bipolar disorder & PTSD, but that alone doesn’t explain his odd behavior. He admits he’s not taking his prescribed medication. He’s smoking a lot of marijuana, supposedly medicinally, but more likely just to keep himself high all day. We also think he smokes methamphetamine & have positive test results for powder & the paper from one of his abandoned joints. His behavior seem more schizophrenic than bipolar to me, but that may be because everyone else I’ve know who was bipolar took their meds. This may be how he acts when he’s on an untreated manic phase.