Our psycho housemate removed the fire alarms from the house a couple months ago, when smoke from the oven kept setting them off. The other housemate & I didn’t mind until the crazy one started acting bizarre & burning stuff. I asked him what happened to the fire alarms. He said he needed to get new batteries for them. Today he was probably angry after I called the fire department on him. I didn’t talk to him, but instead hung out at Starbucks for a few hours.

Tonight I went in the garage & found the formerly missing fire alarms strung up on a plastic coat hanger, like something from the Blair Witch Project. This doesn’t scare me in the least, but it scared my other housemate.



This afternoon, he first smashed a perfectly good wooden stool with a hammer while the other housemate & I watched from the window of my bedroom. After taking the legs into the garage & came back for the seat, which here has a white, gummy goo on it. I watched as he piled dry grass onto the seat, then carried it back into the garage.



While he was taking one of his many showers, we went into the garage to document what he’d been doing. The house smelled of wood smoke, & we don’t have a fireplace. We found this odd shrine, with burnt grass & wood pieces, as well as a melted butane lighter. This was placed near his newly sprouting marijuana plants, so I think he meant for it to be a charm to encourage their growth.

After finding this, the other housemate & I moved some boxes of her stuff out of the garage & into her bedroom, so if the garage catches on fire, they won’t burn. I told the crazy one, “We’re doing this in case the garage catches on fire.” He said, “It was extinguished.” & “I’m doing a project.”


Later I found he’d put the seat & debris outside between the garage & the fence.


Tonight when I went out into the garage to feed his dogs, I found his dog’s food bowl full of a strange brown liquid – not food – & the glass top of a frying pan with residue on it that could be from Butane Hash Oil production. This is a dangerous process which concentrates THC into an oily paste to be smoked. It can easily cause fires or explosions.

On the positive side, I got my Facebook account to work from my laptop. Yay!

3 thoughts on “We found the missing fire alarms

  1. Oh no, he has dogs. Poor things. Are they ok? Is there an animal…for lack of a better word, police, in case he poisons them or something?

    Speaking of Blair Witch, you see the new one? I hear it’s good!


  2. He has 2 dogs that were left to him by a previous roommate. He takes care of them ok & I doubt he would ever purposefully hurt them.

    Didn’t see it & don’t plan to see it. I thought the first Blair Witch was stupid, so I don’t expect this one to be better.

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