This was how I felt in my dream this morning, like my crazy roommate brought out my monster side & it didn’t even scare him, because he’s evil himself.


He’s been acting relatively normal the last few days, but he’s not really. I think he paid his rent, so our landlord feels no pressure to evict him, despite his strange & potentially dangerous behavior. I even sent video to our landlord of him leaning on a neighbor’s fence while he was high & staring at her house.

I went to the Pagan Pride Day & Harvest Festival yesterday, got 2 readings & a custom incense for banishing a troublesome roommate. The weather was hot at the fair, but the energy was healthy. The emotional energy at the house is bad, so I want to get away again today.

In my dream this morning, I hear a noise outside & look out my window to see our crazy roommate looking back at me, his face close to my window. He’s wearing a black T-shirt & looks threatening. I decide I need to take action against him. My state of consciousness in this dream is weird. I know I’m dreaming, but it also feels like I’m dream-walking or astral projecting. I float up near the ceiling in the living room, fly into his room & try to give him my scary vampire face, but he’s not scared of me. He seems evil. I try to fly into my own room, but find myself in my other roommate’s room instead. I don’t want to scare her or wake her, so I quickly leave.

Several times I find myself partially waking, enough so I know I’m in my own room, but I can’t wake completely & fall back into the dream. This is much like a false awakening, but I think it’s from opening my eyes a little, but not waking. At one point in my dream, I’m in my bedroom, but then see there is no door out of it. Then the widows are boarded up & the walls are a dirty yellow. It’s like an old garage instead of my bedroom.

At another point, my crazy roommate, after he looks into my window, seems to be towing my bedroom somewhere. I see the trees behind him moving, then realize he’s somehow hooked my room to a vehicle & towed me to a remote location where he can leave me. I feel both trapped in my room & as if I’m fighting him, monster to monster.

I again partially wake, then slip back into the dream. This time I’m in a living room like in the house I grew up in. There’s another woman here who seems like a friend, but she’s not my other roommate. She says the crazy roommate wants to attack me. I think maybe I should let him try, then attack him back myself. I’m still playing a succubus-vampire. I lie on the sofa. The crazy roommate leans over me. I notice the ring finger on his right hand is bleeding. I go to drink his blood, then spit it out because it tastes vile. I say, “Even your blood tastes bad.” I think it did taste like blood, slightly metallic, which I hardly ever taste in a dream. I think he sickens me on every level, emotionally, physically, & spiritually.

I wake.