After repeatedly emailing our landlord for the last couple of months about our psychotic roommate, our landlord decided to evict all 3 of us & gave us all 30 day notices this morning. I told him “But I didn’t do anything wrong!” He said. “I know. I’m sorry.” He says he wants to “clean house” & rent to a family instead of individual roommates.

In my dream this morning, I was living in a house with several other roommates. My last housemate comes in as a new tenant & I’m nice to her, but we don’t really chat.

Then I go outside & my mother shows up driving a car. I think she’s supposed to be in a care home, but if she can drive, maybe she can drive herself ok. I then realize she has Alzheimer’s & could get lost, so I follow after her. She parks on a driveway near downtown. I get out of my car & tell her she shouldn’t be driving. I tell her to get into my car, & I’ll take her back to the care home. She gets into my car on the driver’s side. I tell her No, she has to sit on the passenger side. She then gets in on the passenger side, but she’s still arguing with me that she wants to drive herself. I go around to my driver side, then she leaves in my car. Now I have no car of my own & I’m not sure how to get back to the house I was living in.

This dream really upset me, because I want to protect my elderly mother, but she would always argue & fight me, making that almost impossible. In this dream, I try to help her, then end up homeless & without a car because I tried to help her.