1. I’m unable to eat much, so if this feeling continues, which if probably will, I’ll probably lose weight.
– My immune system is probably not working well either. The last time I was so anxious that I couldn’t eat, all my fingernails broke too.
2. I’m so emotionally exhausted that my brain won’t let me feel continually anxious. I get moments of feeling more relaxed & I might be able to fall asleep pretty easily.
– Once I do fall asleep, I only sleep 4 hours before I have an anxiety dream & wake up again. Then I can’t really get enough deep sleep, so my anxiety & depression get worse.
3. I have plenty to blog about for people who want to read about other people’s anxiety & depression.
– My blog is going to start sounding repetitive & may turn off people who want to read about light-hearted Second Life stuff or happy posts about overcoming depression.
4. I have a good excuse for not doing stuff I need to do.
– I don’t need a good excuse. I need the ability to get stuff done.
5. I have a good excuse for hanging out at Starbucks or watching Netflix at home.
– I need a home, not a reason to hang out someplace else where I’ll just spend money. I’m not going to have Netflix or any TV if Rob doesn’t pay the bills or if I become homeless again. (Ok, that last part is catastrophic thinking, so not really rational.)