It’s been one week since my other housemates and I got 30 day notices to vacate. I don’t know if I’m supposed to pay a prorated amount of rent to stay in the house until October 23rd. I sent an email to the landlord to ask him. I also formally requested that he extend our rental period to give us more time to look for another place. I want proof of my request and his answer, not just whatever he says on the phone.

A large part of this last week, I’ve been trying to not think catastrophic or suicidal thoughts. I distract myself and try to get into a better mental state by watching TV, going online away from the house, walking my dog, or taking her to a dog park.

Wednesday morning, the crazy roommate and I went to our weekly food closet. We waited in line for a bag each of food, while the pastor there preached at us. He was very annoying. Later, I was watching an old British comedy series on TV and noticed that as each episode ended, I would start to get very anxious again. When I went outside in the backyard, away from the house, I felt nearly normal. (I think I feel the emotions of the other roommates, so getting away from them and the house, helps stabilize own mood). I colored my hair in the evening, in hopes of looking for a job. I think if I can get a job before I have to move again, it will be easier to get a place to live. I have money for a few months of rent now, but when one doesn’t have a job, they may seem less desirable as a potential tenant.

Yesterday I took my dog to a dog park, ate breakfast in a grocery store parking lot, filled my car with gas, gave a little food and bottled water to a homeless man, then brushed my dog for 3 hours. (That’s not weird for a Siberian husky with a thick undercoat.) I found 2 more tumors on her, which makes me worry about having to have her put to sleep. In the evening, my non-crazy roommate and I visited with the neighbor ladies next door, partially to let them know our landlord was unfairly evicting us. They informed us that the crazy one had been watching the houses of single women, the house across from ours and the one on the other side of theirs. I’d seen him do this once and video taped him, but he’s apparently been doing this on multiple occasions.

This morning, I watered the front yard and my potted plants, walked my dog to a small local park, sat there a while under a tree, then walked back. I ate a bowl of cereal, while watching bits of late-night talk shows. My crazy roommate wanted to chat with me, but I couldn’t stand that for very long. This afternoon I’m at the library, using their Wi-Fi. Blogging helps me organize my thoughts and feel like I’m not completely alone.

Tomorrow, I’m going to a small pagan event. I’m hoping to network there a bit to try to find another place to live.