I’ve been in a new home for the last week. It’s a small, clean, older 3 bedroom, 1 bath house in a marginal neighborhood. The neighborhood is better than my last one, largely because it’s more central. My landlady is a very nice millennial from the San Francisco Bay Area who’s going to be traveling for the next couple of months.

My less-crazy roommate from the last house found us these 2 rooms for rent, seemed to like the place, then freaked out after signing the rental agreement and wanted out of it. If her real reason for wanting out was that the price was too high for her, then that would make sense, but that wasn’t the reason she gave. She said she was afraid the crazy roommate from the last place would follow her here because I told our neighbors from the last place that she and I were moving into a house in South Sacramento. I did not give them or anyone the address, so her reasoning was highly irrational.

After I’d put out $ 2200 of my own money for our deposits & first month’s rent and she’d paid me $ 500 cash, she wanted her money back from me so she could find another place. I refused to give it to her until our new landlady paid me back her share. Three days later, the landlady gave me back $ 500 for the other lady’s deposit, but wouldn’t return her rent money due to the extra trouble she now had to find a new roommate. With her eyes puffy from crying and anger in her face toward me for not immediately giving her back her $ 500, my now ex-roommate expected me to give her back her money while eating the remainder of the cost she incurred myself.

I did. My new landlady couldn’t believe I would give her back that money and eat the extra cost myself. She thought my ex-roommate should be forced to learn the hard lesson of the cost of her flakiness. I felt sorry for my flaky ex-roommate because she’s poor and has PTSD. I’m hoping my good deed (? ) toward her brings me some good karma, because it’s costing me mightily financially right now.

My dog Kaylee likes the new house, but seems lonely. We’re getting a new roommate & her companion dog next week, which should make Kaylee & me more happy.