I’m at the library again. No wifi at the house. I don’t know if I can call it home right now, because I’m not really settled & happy yet. Maybe I never will be. I feel alone & depressed.

Kaylee & my roommate’s dog had a spat last night that resulted in Kaylee bleeding on the living room carpet, the garage floor & her bed. Now the roommate just called to say she wants to put her out in the garage while I’m away, in case it happens again.

I keep thinking I don’t have enough money to fix things that I need to have fixed. My car needs work. What if I get a job I have to drive a long distance to or if I’m out late at night & it breaks down? I can’t afford surgery to remove Kaylee’s tumors. Even buying a good antibiotic and anti-flea meds will cost money I can’t afford. I bought a small space heater yesterday, because my roommate seemed angry that the gas heaters weren’t working. My landlady said she’d reimburse me for money I spend on the house, but she wouldn’t give me back the money for my last roommate’s 1st month rent when she flaked.

At the time, I felt it was the right thing to do to give her back the $ 500 she’s given me, but now I’m short money I need….