Built in 1938, the Tower Theater lent it’s name to world famous Tower Records, which started in it’s lobby. Tower Records is gone now, but the theater is still here,  running mainstream and indie films.

I’m at the Starbucks across the street today, using their Wi-Fi. It’s cozy and quieter than the library near my new home. I also like being able to sip hot tea while I blog.

I’ve been thinking of the differences in how I felt at the last house vs. this current one. I was more traumatized when I got into the last one. I was recently homeless, had recently lost almost everything I had, and the motel I’d been staying in had been a bit rough, with cockroaches & homeless people wandering around at night. That house was a haven from all that, but it wasn’t peaceful. We had central air-conditioning & heat, a fenced yard, Wi-Fi, some TV on Roku, a nice kitchen, a wash machine but no dryer, all for about $ 420/ month. That was a great deal. Despite being in the “boondocks” of North Highlands, I would’ve stayed there if my other 2 roommates hadn’t created problems.

I was often dealing with their drama, then feeling trapped in my room while Rob’s psychosis raged. It was hard to try to put my life back together in the midst of that, but I updated my info for DMV & MediCal, got meds for my dog, went to dentist appointments, got antibiotics for my tooth infection, got food and water for the household, kept the yard watered, and did several mystery shopper jobs to boost my confidence in being able to work again. I also updated my resume, but didn’t do that until right at the end of my time there.

Robert was most of the problem there. He could seem almost normal sometimes, but that didn’t make up for the times Janae & I felt scared of him and hid in our rooms. I was glad I had her, but she ended up being another part of the problem. Several psychics told her to trust me, but she apparently finds it hard to trust anyone. When she withheld rent from our landlord because he wasn’t working fast enough to get Rob removed, she said her decision wouldn’t hurt me, but it did. Our landlord decided to kick all 3 of us out, even though he admitted I hadn’t done anything wrong.

It took about 2 months for that house to feel like a home to me – one with mentally messed-up roommates, but still a home. We shared some meals together, watched TV together, shared household chores, walked our dogs, and watched our pets play together.

I’ve only been 2 weeks in this current house, Most or that time alone or with the landlady, the last 4 days with this new roommate. We haven’t had time to bond, but at least these two aren’t mentally unstable drug-addicts. I have less money left from my savings and just as many worries as before, but I also feel more normal mentally and more confident most of the time. Not having Wi-Fi at the house is a problem, especially since I’m paying more in rent now than I was before, but I’m managing for the most part. The only TV shows I watch are from the few channels I get on an old TV that doesn’t have a remote control. The house is much quieter and peaceful though, so it’s easy to get a good night’s sleep, and I never feel like I might need to call the police while I hide locked in my room.

One of my reasons for leaving the house yesterday and today, is to give the other roommate some time alone with her boyfriend. We all need our space, and I respect that. She’s just got a part-time job, so she’ll be away part of the time during the week. I’m still looking, but I can do my online search at the library as much as possible.

The spat between Kaylee and the other roommate’s dog, has created a small disturbance in our peace. The other roommate is afraid to leave them alone together inside the house now. I’m sure they’ll get more comfortable though, and in the meantime, Kaylee can stay in the garage when necessary to calm the other roommate’s reservations.