I’ve applied online to about 20 or more jobs in the last 4 days. I’m frantically looking for a job before I run out of money for my rent & everything else. I had an unexpected car repair bill of $700. My landlady also refuses to credit me for the money I paid for my ex-roommate’s rent before she flaked. So I’ve been scared, but definitely trying to be positive & proactive. I even applied for a fast food job today, because that’s how desperate I am for money.

After doing the groundwork of sending out resumes, I next need to work on the magical side of things. I need a new green candle, which will cost a dollar or 2 from a discount store. I can buy money-draw herbs with my EBT/ CalFresh benefits, so I don’t have to use cash. I already have dried basil & cinnamon, but I can gather some others to freshen up the mojo bag I started months ago. I’d like to get a pretty green bottle or jar too. If spell work were all I was doing, it wouldn’t be enough, but used in addition to a serious mundane job search, it should help.