I had a dream this morning of living in a town where a good part of the population was actively playing a kind of live action fantasy roleplaying game.

At first I had just moved into a place that was a little shop of some kind in front, then had a couple nice, comfortable rooms in back that I and my new landlady were renting out. Her room was bigger than mine, but mine was cozy & comfortable. The front shop was mostly old wooden shelves. I’m not sure what the owner sells, but I think maybe crystals, books & all kinds of odd things.

I walk outside to see the town we’re in & see that it seems like an old European town, with winding, narrow streets & old, Medieval-looking buildings. In a little square in front of me, I see a man and woman arguing. He’s wearing a somewhat fantasy-medieval outfit, but like someone doing roleplay might wear. [This may come from seeing a young man in a cloak on my way to work last night.] He says something about wanting to declare war on Portugal. The wife says he shouldn’t. They seem to be part of a faction that wants to make a truce in this pretend war, but he wants to stubbornly do what he thinks is right. He goes up to a doorway on my side of the street & plants a banner in front of the door as the people inside open it. I think he’s probably being foolish to take the aggressive path instead of peaceful one, but it’s not a real war, so it doesn’t really matter.

As I look into more buildings, I see more amazing sights. A friend shows me what looks like an old abandoned library, with sunlight streaming inside though the ceiling. This space is kind of like an old attic, but also pretty & wonderful. She apparently found if from a secret passageway from her own room.

In front of this space is a gilded, painted ballroom with a marble floor & a painted glass ceiling, so light comes inside, but it’s also ornate & rich-looking.

I walk back out of the dark passageway & back to the small square, which I now see is next to a small beach. The man who wanted to fight Portugal is dragging a dead shark carcass up the slope that leads down to the beach. He lies down next to it, & I wonder why he’s doing that. Another man dressed like a dragon comes down to the slope & stands with his wings spread as he gives a speech. He speaks like he’s a prince or mayor of the town, so everyone respects him. The man who was lying next to the shark carcass gives up his shark idea & leaves it lying on the slope.  [The dragon guy comes from someone dressed as a dragon coming into my apartment in Second Life yesterday when I popped in briefly.]

I walk back inside to a nice bathroom with a shower. I think this may connect to my room, but I haven’t found the passageway yet. I can look down the passage I walked through and can see the slope going down to the beach. I say I could take a shower & then swim naked in the sea, or swim naked in the sea & then take a warm shower.

I next walk into a sunny shop that seems to turn into a room in a palace. I look at a floral crown. A man to my right says I should be a queen and wear a real crown. I think there is probably already a queen in this town. I say, ” I don’t need a crown, unless maybe it’s a crown of flowers. I could be queen of the May flowers.” I put a circlet of flowers on my head, but I’m wearing a couple necklaces as well. I look in a mirror and don’t think the circlet really fits that well on me. My hair is down, long & loose. I take the circlet off & put it back on its stand. Someone else tells the man they already have a queen and he must not know who she is (in real life). I look up and see Queen Elizabeth II in the balcony above. She looks stern & disapproving of the man.

I walk outside into the square again, where I meet a boy of about 10 with his mother. He’s also dressed in this fantasy-medieval style, wearing a green tunic & cap. He says he wants to fight me. I look down at him and say in a nice voice, “Why would you want to fight me?” He says, ” I can punch you in the nose.” (I know I’m dreaming and that he can’t hurt me if I don’t want that.) I bend down and give him a small kiss on his lips instead. He softens to me & leans up against me as I give him a hug.

I seem to be wearing a long, flowing dress in soft shades of blue & green, the colors of the sea. I feel like I’m a sorceress or a secret sea goddess visiting among the people of the town. I think my powers are of charm and seduction, so this is why I kissed the boy instead of letting him punch me.

I’m wearing a couple long necklaces. He grabs one that has copper or brass links with dark green glass beads in the middle. He pulls it off & tries to steal it, but I get it back & tell him he shouldn’t have done that. I wonder if he broke the clasp, but think since I seem to be magical, I can probably magically fix it. [This necklace may refer to one I made in real life of copper wire & dark green glass beads. I kept it even when I was homeless, even though the clasp is broken, because I still think it’s pretty & couldn’t bare to throw it away.]

I wake after this.


Notes & Interpretation:

My second evening at my new job went better than the first night. (It’s a phone bank for environmental causes.) I got a couple $100 donations, & my supervisor said I was doing good, so I felt good & I’m even kind of liking this job a little.

That the boy at the end of this dream was wearing green seems significant. I wonder if he could represent money? Maybe he wants to have an adversarial relationship with me, but I charm and seduce him, so he’ll like me and want to be with me? This could represent me having a better, friendlier relationship with money, so I can draw it to me. The necklace with the dark green glass beads also seems to represent money to me.