I had an interview yesterday morning for a lab tech position. I didn’t feel like the interview went that well and was feeling down afterward. This feeling down even affected my job performance last night at the call center for environmental issues.

Last night after work and again this morning, I was still busy looking for jobs online. Then just now, I got a call offering me the job I wanted most.

I’m so happy and excited. This is a life-saver for me. I was seriously not sure if I’d have enough money to pay my rent for February. I’ll be getting about $ 200 from my current part-time minimum wage job just in time, then this one will get me through everything moving forward. – Thank-you to the Universe for all the help!

I have formal job offer paperwork to sign and mail back today. Then a standard pre-employment drug screen, which I’ll pass because I haven’t had even 10 mg of THC since September. There’s also a standard background check, which I’ll also pass. Then after that it’s just all the anxiety and angst of learning the ropes of fitting into a new job. I don’t expect to feel secure until I get through the 90 day trail period. This looks like it’s going to be a great job though. It pays $ 22/hour and has good hours and benefits.