I applied for this job that I really want a month ago. I was given an interview for it about a week after starting a minimum wage, 20 hour/ week phone center job. At first I thought my interview didn’t go well, but the next day they offered me the job. I authorized their background check and prior work history check. I took and passed the drug screen test. I passed the background check, but the verifying company had trouble contacting someone from my last job because ownership of the company had changed hands. The verifier contacted me for more information. I found and told her the employer ID numbers to use on the verifying website and the current phone numbers for what used to be my old company. I also gave her the name, location, supervisor name and supervisor phone # for my current job. (I basically had to do part of the job of the paid verifying company.)

In the meantime, I’ve turned down 2 job interviews with other companies because I thought this one was a sure thing. I’ve also ignored a request for an interview with the company that bought the division of my last job. (I think it would be a bad match for me to go back to work there in a much less prestigious position.)

I’m struggling to get enough money for rent and other expenses. I’ve sold plasma twice for a total of $ 100, and have bruises on my arms to show for it.

I’m sick and tired of hundreds of emails for the same damn jobs over and over again, ones that I already applied to, that are already filled, that have nothing to do with my skill set, or are in other parts of the country. I want and need *this one job*. I don’t want to interview for others when I still think I should get this one. I’m just tired of waiting for a month now to get it.