Life is Like Underwear

A year ago I felt so depressed, desperate and hopeless that I wanted to kill myself. I planned to shoot myself, but couldn’t do it when I had the gun.

Now I have a good job that I like, an ok home (though I’ll probably move again in a couple months), a car that runs ok and is insured. My life is starting to come back together and get good again. It was not an easy road from there to here, but it was do-able with help from a few people along the way. (I’d like to write that having Hope made a difference, but I know that when one is in the middle depression, Hope can seem like the most impossible thing to ever have.)

Now though, my dog and I are both alive, safe, and relatively healthy and happy. If I had given up and killed myself, both of us would be dead now.

Sometimes I still have feelings like I wish I could die or wish I had been able to shoot myself back then, but these are just passing feelings, not serious concerns.

Depression can be hard to deal with, but with prayer and effort, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence or a permanent state of being. Life can indeed get better if you keep trying to make it better. Don’t give up on yourself or on Life.