I’ve been spending this afternoon looking for good freebies for Spring Break in Second Life.

Here Evan and Alycia are relaxing at CANNiBiA Beach (M) (formerly Black Basalt Beach). There is free rez here for taking pictures. Alycia is wearing the Maitreya Lara v 4.0 mesh body with Bento-enabled hands, the April group gift skin – Diana (Caramel) – from 7 Deadly Skins, the Sheena color demo hair from Lelutka, a March Twisted Hunt side hunt prize – “Rebel” shorts – from Anachron, the October group gift tank top from Blueberry and the Georgina work-out shoes group gift from Blueberry. Evan is wearing the Adam skin (Caramel) from 7 Deadly Skins (an old group gift), Rick hair from EMO-tions (not a freebie), a group gift T-shirt, shorts and leather bracelet from Cold Ash and the white mesh boat shoes group gift from Gabriel.

GizzA Creations

GizzA Creations is one of the better shops for free group gifts for both male and female avatars. Many past gifts are available and the group is free to join.


Here Alycia and Evan are in my skybox apt. wearing matching March group gift sweaters from GizzA Creations. The skin she’s wearing is Patience Christmas v1 from 7 Deadly Skins (a past Christmas group gift). The chair is Cooper’s Armchair, a former Fifty Linden Friday sale item from Consignment.

While my rental parcel isn’t free, it’s a very good deal at Happy Clam Island. The stipend I get from having 4 avatars with discounted SL Premium memberships pays for my rental lot with spending money to spare. My skybox is a customized mesh box with a Grim Death Co. Suites rezzer and some of the rezzer furniture replaced with nicer mesh furniture from my inventory.

Manhattan Apt. GDC Holodeck module_001

This inexpensive low-prim rezzed room is the Grim Death Co. Manhattan apartment. I’ve modified some of the interior walls to windows and different wallpaper. If you have at least a square 1024 m parcel, a Grim Death Co. Suites rezzer will fit nicely on it and allows you to change your setting with the touch of a button.

Manhattan Apt. Watching YouTube

You can even watch YouTube videos on the TV in some of the Grim Death Co. Suites modules.