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One of my favorite sims to visit in Second Life is Elysion. This gorgeous Adult-rated sim is owned, managed and seasonally redecorated by Syn Baresford, who has a beautifully artistic attention to detail and romantic atmosphere. Note that Romantic doesn’t always mean bright flowers and sunny meadows. It can also be a little dark and melancholy, as the current theme seems to demonstrate. As I walked though her latest remodel, I at first noticed that many of the old venues have a more decayed look, as of the passage of years. There are spring flowers blooming, fireflies and bees buzzing about though, so it has the air of renewal after a period of great change and loss. I was also reminded of The Shannara Chronicles TV series, in which a post-apocalyptic world is infused with fantasy elements such as elves, dwarves and magic.

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The lighthouse is probably the most iconic feature at Elysion, so I had to include a few  pictures of it. The little river boat now lies broken and half sunk against the shore of the small island. Inside, the café has been replaced with old library cabinets, comfy chairs and other interesting bits of décor. (Exploring the little details on your own is one of the best parts of visiting Elysion.)

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Inside the lighthouse, as in the other buildings, there are plenty of spots to chat with friends or venture into more romantic or adventurous activity. This is an Adult sim, but it’s for paid group members only, so it’s not the sort of Adult area that gives SL a bad reputation. People here tend to behave as mature, polite adults, sometimes with leanings toward BDSM and voyeurism, but often just interested in scenic views and romantic snuggling.

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Most of the previous main building is gone, but a dimly lit, starry Observatory remains. The radio steam and dance ball rezzers throughout the sim encourage romantic dancing with a partner.

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The decaying Pool House is gorgeous, with giant water lilies and fairy-like firefly lights.

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The Luxe has seen better days, but still draws people for a quiet drink or an entertaining show.

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The orchard paths allow one to find all kinds of interesting spots to enjoy alone or with a partner.

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Though there is a nominal fee to join the group and explore this sim, if you can afford a couple dollars, it’s a group well worth keeping. There are regular Friday night and Saturday parties, and even when there are not scheduled events, the sim is seldom completely empty.

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