I posted earlier on my Facebook page that my life is having technical difficulties.

I was using an unsecured Xfinity account for wifi and occasionally using the unsecured wifi at my local library. One day, I tried to connect at the library, but it was impossible. I took my laptop to Office Max to find out if it had malware on it, & sure enough it did, which they charged me $ 150 to remove. Then I upgrade my cell phone account with Verizon to include wifi for my computer. I thought this would only cost me $ 10 more than having my previous phone service & paying $ 55/ month for wifi through Xfinity.

So great. My new service was faster & secure, but it seems to not be truly unlimited, since I got a message saying I was nearing my limit, then one saying my next bill would be $ 199! I stopped using my Verizon wifi, came to the library to use their computer, but couldn’t log on to my Verizon account to see what my charges really are. They wanted an answer to a secret question that I had never given them & didn’t recognize my zip code as belonging to my phone #.

Meanwhile, I’ve been driving my roommate to her job because her car isn’t working, but she’s not paying me enough for my gas & time. I also used my EBT (food stamps credit) to buy food for our household at the local farmer’s market. My landlady & roommate said they’d reimburse me for their part, but they didn’t.

Our landlady finally got central air conditioning put in before the temperature hit 100 degrees F., but before this happened, we had a contractor put in screens on our windows & some other minor repairs. On Monday, May 8, he was finishing up his work when he had a heart attack & passed out. Luckily my roommate knew CPR & was able to keep him alive until the paramedics arrived to take him to the hospital. His car & tools were at our house for a week until his brother picked them up. He’s still in the hospital. Our landlady still owes him money for his work.

Now I’m at the library, trying to use their computers, because I need to update my resume & work on trying to get a new job, but I’m still not able to get into my Verzizon account & I’m getting annoyed & jumpy from being next to this woman next to me. She’s an older Asian woman with newspapers on her seat & holding a paper towel over her mouse, apparently a germaphobe, but her paper towel is infringing on my personal space and sometimes it even touches my arm.

I feel overly anxious.  I’m trying to hold it together so I can get a new job, but I’m so worried about my Verizon bill that I’m afraid to use my laptop at home. I can’t really get enough done here at the library either though.