In my dream (July 14), I hear a siren, then look down at a video game. The object of the game is to drive a fire truck through traffic to its destination. I look up to speak with someone, then miss that my virtual fire truck is stopped at an intersection while traffic piles up behind it. I go back to the game to move the truck further down the street, around a corner, up another street, and to a stop. Now when I look up, I’m in front of an old, brown, 3-story Victorian house and I’m the firefighter/ paramedic who’s just arrived here.

I figure I’m still playing the same game, but now it’s a Virtual Reality game. Inside, the house is filled with anxious, agitated people. They tell me there are aliens inside. I figure now the object of this game is to successfully deal with the aliens without starting a war or letting anyone get hurt.

I ask where the aliens are. Someone says they’re upstairs. I move past several people and climb the wide stairs facing the front door. I move past several more people coming down the stairs and come to the second floor landing. Here I meet 2 more firefighter paramedics who I think must’ve got here first in another truck. I ask them what they can tell me about the aliens. They say they’re vegetarian and are in one of the rooms behind them. I move past them and more people to find 2 aliens standing in one of the back bedrooms.

They are taller than humans, with large insectoid heads and arms. I speak to them. They understand and respond in limited English. They say they’re hungry. I tell them to follow me and we’ll get them some food. I motion for them to follow me, then walk back down the stairs. The 2 aliens don’t seem to follow me, so I wonder if just motioning for them to follow was good enough communication. Then I think I should give them some food now. I go into the kitchen, get a dish, and pull out all the vegetables I can from the refrigerator.  I get several carrots, a stalk of rhubarb, and a few other leaves of green vegetables. I take this dish back up to the aliens, but wake before I reach them.


After I wake, I think I did pretty good at making the aliens seem nonthreatening, despite them looking like giant insects. I think stalling at the intersection in the game symbolizes getting stalled in my job search, but the video game motif was less anxiety-inducing than than if I’d been dreaming of driving a car. ( I thought later that trying to get a job online is also like playing a game.) I think that for a dream in which I’m being tested, I did alright. I faced something that normally scares me in dreams (aliens, which might represent the unknown?) and handled it with calm, reason, and compassionate action. Being a firefighter/ paramedic also represents an action-oriented “hero”. Having to negotiate with aliens represents using diplomacy, intellectual skills and social skills (which I might need to get a good job). (I probably dreamt of a fire truck because I heard a siren in my sleep.) A house can represent the Self, in which case the aliens would be part of myself. All the anxious people in the house might represent my own anxious thoughts? The firefighter/ paramedics might represent the part of me that’s trying to take charge and save myself from an imagined threat? What is the “alien” side of myself hungry for? Maybe vegetables represent Life? They’re not threatening anyone, yet almost everyone is afraid of them because they seem strange.