Three of Pentacles 2

Creator of the Spiral Path is the name of the picture on the right. It’s one of my favorite Soul Collage pictures I’ve made, representing how we are the creators of our own lives, in a very positive and hopeful way.

The picture on the left is the Three of Pentacles from a Tarot deck I recently bought. Unlike the more common  Rider-White-Smith image for this card, the central figure is a woman sewing, rather than a man doing stonework for a Cathedral. Either way, the card represents skilled work, dedication, contentment, and possible spiritual growth. The birch tree represents new beginnings. The spiderweb represents connectedness. The infinity symbol represents eternity and eternal truths. This is the card I’m going to use for my significator in a tarot job spell I want to do. Not that I’m content now, but I want to be.  I want my skill set and experience to give me confidence as I try to get a new job. I want to do work I’m good at and comfortable doing. I want to feel safe and content. And I want to be paid fairly for my work.

Of course spirals can also have a negative connotation of  repeating old patterns. I hate this part of my life, feeling like it’s so hard to break out of negative thinking, bad habits, and ineffective behaviors. I’m fighting with these negative spirals lately, just as I’m also hopeful that I can create a better future for myself.

I wish I could write more that’s clever and uplifting, but I’m feeling depressed, so that’s too difficult right now.