Android (dream)


In my dream this morning I was a female android in the future. I have thoughts and some feelings, but my body is mechanical and man-made. I’m on a big ship that’s traveling on the ocean. I have a human male friend. I think he works on the ship as a waiter. We both seem to be treated the same. I’m an owned machine, but he feels just as much a slave, even though he’s a hired employee. I think he feels empathy for me, which is why we’re friends.

I have a memory of a past life that seems to be in the 1920’s, in which I was an expensive porcelain doll owned by a pretty woman. I see her with curly hair & wearing a nice beaded dress. I had thoughts and feelings then too, but I couldn’t speak or move on my own. I could only watch what was going on around me. I was on a ship then too. It sank at sea, drowning my owner and maybe all the other people on it. I guess it was easier for me to be a doll then than one of the humans. I think my spirit left that life when my owner died. I see the doll version of me sinking inside a flooded cabin in the previous ship. I have an idea this might have been the Titanic.


This ship seems to be ok so far, but I’m afraid it could meet a big storm. Then my friend and I could drown again. This worries me.

I wake shortly after this.