Fear Demon & Fake City (dream)

City Inside Out - Haveit Neox - Maddy Gynoid

(Picture of “City Inside Out”, a Second Life art installation by Haveit Neox, picture by Maddy Gynoid, at Echt Virtuell)

In a dream I had early this morning, I go into a building that has convention rooms toward the back. I see the words “Pagan Pride” over a pair of doors and want to go there, because I want to go to a Pagan Pride Festival this weekend in physical reality. Instead of heading straight for those doors however, I go to the left and into another room with a buffet in it. I want to eat some of the food here, but then think I’m getting distracted from going to the Pagan Pride Festival. I go back to look for that room, but now I can’t find it.

I go outside of this building and look around. The area and building reminds me of some old department store, maybe Montgomery Ward?, that isn’t in physical reality anymore.

I go back inside and meet a character who looks at first like a normal human man, but which I think feels demonic, the kind of spirit I call a fear demon. [I think this is a spirit which can appear in dreams and create nightmares, so it can feed off a person’s fear.] At one point it looks like a child swinging on a swing, but I don’t trust it. It seems to be playing the role of a ghost child, trying to get me or other people in the dream to feel sorry for it, so it can lead us into a scary place where it has more control. Other people in the dream don’t see that it’s manipulative and evil.

When I’m not tricked by the child character, it changes into a medium sized black dog. I’m attracted to the dog at first and try to talk to it, but I feel a malevolence within it, like it’s not a real dog. I move away from it.

A scruffy white dog appears. I’m attracted to it at first and want to help it. When I look more closely at it though, I realize it’s the same black dog, which is really a demon. I say something like, “You can’t fool me. I know you’re the same black dog.” Now it changes back into the black dog and snarls menacingly at me. I turn away from it and go outside again.

Now the world outside looks like part of a city, but in a kind of circular, bowl-like shape. The colors are mostly dark brown, beige, rust and grey – like dirt and decay. It’s neither day or night, but more of a twilight with city lights. I fly up to the top of a building near me and see its flat roof is covered with boxes and debris. I land here and look around. This is when I think this space seems circular and artificial, like a bowl with buildings making up the circumference, almost like mountains. The sky and colors beyond are mostly brown and rust-colored. The building I’m standing on is light grey concrete.

I feel kind of trapped in this environment, like the demon wants me here, but I’m also lucid and in control of myself, so I’m not scared. I know it can’t really hurt me. I fly around this building and look for a higher one, from which to get a better view.  I find one, fly to the top and land. From here I can see the top of the previous building, which is in the center of this bowl-like cityscape. I’m able to see that this is all a construction, almost like a dark city sim in Second Life, except the border is circular instead of square. I know the demon can’t manipulate me from this spot.

At this point the city dissolves around me and I wake, around 6 am.

Notes & Interpretation:

I was awake and online around 4 am before I had this dream. I had just read a blog post about a dream in which Papa Legba appeared with some dogs and read that he’s associated with dogs much like Hecate is. Just before I fell asleep, I saw in my mind a some brightly colored symbols on a black background, a mostly black, medium sized dog apparently dead in a trash can, then the same dog alive and well.  This dog seemed to symbolize a possible deity or spirit guide.

I believe there are demonic spirits which can feed on human emotions and energy. From personal subjective experience in dreams, I think some specialize in giving people nightmares, so they can feed on fear, but they can feed on a person’s fear (or other strong emotions) in waking life too. When I dream of these kind of spirits, they try to manipulate my dream so I’ll be scared, but since I tend to become lucid when I’m scared, I can usually outmaneuver them and wake myself up.

I’ve been feeling some anxiety over needing a job and money lately, so a fear demon might have thought I was vulnerable last night. Even though I’ve had some periods of anxiety, though, I’ve also felt more confident and magically empowered than I have in a long time. I find it interesting that this apparent demon tried different forms to try to trick me, but I was able to see though all of them. Then it seemed to get annoyed with me for seeing though it’s disguises, so it tried to trap me in a dream environment it constructed. Maybe the decaying city was supposed to make me feel homeless and lost, but I instead viewed it as a kind of virtual reality construct, almost like a constructed dream environment in the movie Inception. I didn’t worry about not being able to move into a different environment, because I was fascinated with how this one was designed. I don’t think this bowl-shape is one I would have invented myself. Though it does remind me of Hell in Dante’s Inferno or the underground labs in Westworld, in the dream it reminded me most of a man-made sim in Second Life, which means it would be fake and harmless.

I read probably in a blog recently that Fear is an illusion, and that our higher self tries to show us this by exposing us to the things we fear. It’s basically trying to say, “See that wasn’t so bad, was it?”, but it doesn’t think *anything* is really that bad, so it can expose us to some really horrible situations by normal standards. I mention this idea, because maybe the whole “fear demon” idea is a construct that my subconscious uses to make me feel less fearful in waking life reality?  (I still think these are real external entities, though.)

When I picked out the picture at the top of this post, I had the idea that it probably annoys that demon. Instead of being an image that seems scary to me, it’s of an art installation that I loved in SL. I contributed a short piece of writing to it, which was about a homeless woman in my old neighborhood. Also, instead of making me feel vulnerable to being homeless myself, it reminds me of the drive to help others who are vulnerable and of the power of art and writing to empower us to improve our world.

I’m still feeling big mood swings lately though, the product of stress and money worries. I was thinking today that when I feel anxiety, it feels like something is pulling at my soul as if it were taffy inside my chest.


17 (3 dreams)

17 I’m probably wasting time by making this post, so I’ll try to keep it short. I need to be checking email and putting out job applications. I noticed the number 17 in a recent dream, though, and it was in two of my dreams again this morning. A friend on Facebook also posted that her son will be turning 17 soon. Maybe somebody wants me to remember this number? (I was also feeling stressed, and writing relaxes me and makes me feel happy.)

In my earlier dream, I go to see Katrhin (my previous landlady/ friend). She’s living in a small, old, white-painted house that’s owned by another woman who owns a larger house on the same property. (This is like a place she stayed in while on vacation in Fort Bragg.) She’s trying to figure out how to furnish this house, which has several rooms. I want to stay here with her, but I don’t think she really wants me here. I keep thinking I just need one little room with a bed and access to a bathroom. I pick a room to be mine.

A tall, attractive, middle-aged man comes into the house. He seems nice. I want him to have a place here too. (He’s not like our old roommate who drove us both crazy.) There’s a sun room with a white or yellow couch in it. I think he can sleep there. Then Kathrin changes the sofa for a smaller one. Now it’s too short for the man, so if he sleeps there, either his feet will hang over or he’ll have to sleep curled up in a ball. While I want us to all have safe, comfortable places to sleep, I get the feeling she wants to live here by herself.

I check out the bathroom that’s between my room and the kitchen. It’s old, but there’s a functional sink and shower-bath. I don’t see a toilet, though, and tell Kathrin she’ll have to put one in. I think she must have her own bathroom somewhere and doesn’t want to bother with putting in a toilet here. I think this house situation isn’t going to resolve the way I want. I know I’m dreaming, but I think this is her house, so I can’t tell her what to do with it. (It’s like I’m invading her dream.)

[Note, plumbing problems in dreams symbolizes emotional problems for me. Not having a working toilet could symbolize not wanting to deal with emotional issues, while a toilet that backs up or won’t flush (such as I would dream of in the house I grew up in) symbolizes not dealing with emotional problems that really need to be dealt with.]

Kathrin goes out to the house of the other woman who lives on this property. I follow her. The lady in this house reminds me of one of my mother’s aunts, but she’s Kathrin’s friend in this dream. She has white hair and seems very nice. I go to use her guest bathroom to wash my hands. It has light pink tile. I use some hand lotion and seem to use too much of it. Later the woman asks me if I used her “eye wash” and says she’s missing alot of it. I think I did use some light lotion in a pink bottle that was probably expensive (like Kathrin’s aloe stuff that was good on sunburns). I’m not sure if the stuff I used was the same as the stuff that’s missing, because lotion wouldn’t be “eye wash”. I say I didn’t, though I feel like I probably did. (I wake here and go back to sleep.)

In a later dream, I meet my nephew Peter, who’s younger here. He’s about to start a new job that he’s excited about. I ask him how old he’ll be when he starts the job. He says 17. I say that’s a good time to start working. Then I remember he worked at Burger King when he lived with me and Mom, and I think he was in high school then. I ask him how old he was when he worked at Burger King and lived with us. He says 15. I say, “So this isn’t your first job.” He says no. I think this job he’s talking about now is about this moment in this dream, while the other was about waking-life reality and isn’t significant to this dream. I start to become conscious of waking-life reality, start to feel sad, and maybe realize that Peter wouldn’t really be friendly with me like he is in this dream? (Maybe I wake briefly and go back to sleep?)

In my last dream, I’m in a lab with other people. I think the dark-haired woman talking to 2 other lab workers is my supervisor. I’m with a younger woman who is also a new hire. We’re all wearing white lab coats. The lab is white too. I think I’m supposed to weigh out powdered hot chocolate, so the others can run some test with it. I ask my supervisor how much I need to weigh out. I can see a number across the room that looks like 100 and something, but I can’t see it clearly. She says, “17 grams”. I think, ok I can do that. I was worried I might mess up on something, but weighing out 17 grams of powdered chocolate seems ridiculously easy for lab work. The others are going to mix it with a liquid for a test [or an extraction?]. I wake after this. (Note this part might be about a lab job I spoke about on the phone with a recruiter from a temp agency, since that lab works with sugars and dairy products.)


Overcoming Obstacles


This last week has been rough. I put out resumes online, went to an interview that had really hard chemistry questions for a lab with horrible reviews from previous employees, blew out my tire on the way home, had to get a ride to my bank so I could get my car repaired, let my landlady cheat me out of $ 100, sold my plasma for $ 45, got 2 decent used tires for $ 70, had the mechanic remove my front bumper so I can still drive, dealt with demanding dogs during 100+ degree heat, and cleaned up after my dog pooping on the living room carpet at 3 am last night.

Meanwhile, being sensitive to subtle energies and other peoples emotions means I have to sort out whether what I’m feeling is purely my own emotion, the emotions of people around me, some kind of precognition warning of “doom”, or a trick of my mind and brain chemistry. I had ugly feelings last night as I was writing my blog and early this morning when I first woke up. I stayed up late to finish my last blog post, then was cleaning up after my dog when my roommate came home at 3 am. Not having enough sleep last night means my serotonin levels are lower today, so it could be easier to feel miserable. One good thing yesterday was that when I started to feel anxiety, I could tell it was just coming from my own internal mental state. I wasn’t sensing any kind of precognitive warning. This morning too, after my initial feelings of anxiety passed, I felt a protective calm descend around me, as if my guardian spirits were trying to help me. It didn’t feel like it was just some trick of my brain, which I think that calm feeling has been sometimes in my past.

I still have hope that everything will turn out ok, even though anxiety and mood swings have plagued me this last week. Stress is the cause of course. Still, I feel like I’ll be ok. I was able to put out resumes, go to a job interview, talk on the phone about another job offer, get $ 45 for my plasma, get 2 tires replaced for $70, and get 2 books I wanted for cheap, even though I was going through all this drama and stress.

Here’s my Soul Collage card about facing and dealing with Obstacles:


Rough, stressful times feel kind of like this.

Magical Thinking (and 2 dream fragments)

Doloris -Westworld-episode-9

(from diary posts on Thursday, Aug 31)

My dog woke me around 2:45 am, wanting to go out. I’d been dreaming and thought it was probably a pretty stupid dream anyway, then realized it had some interesting bits.

In it, I’d just walked into a shop from outdoors. The items in the shop appear around me as I try to make sense of them. It’s a clothing store. I think the designer of these clothes is a woman, clever and innovative. My Dad is here with me. I try on first one, then another, historically-themed dress. The first might be late Victorian, but simplified, not historically accurate. The second is in a blue print that I think is an homage to Disneyland. When I put it on, I see it’s a pioneer-style.

I also put on a small pistol, attached to a chain hanging at my waist like a belt. My Dad doesn’t like that I have this gun. I say, “Why not? It’s not usable. It’s just decoration.” I think having this gun makes me look tough and like I can defend myself. – I wake at this point.

When I’m outside with the dogs and trying to make sense of this dream fragment, I think spontaneously, “These violent delights have violent ends.” I realize this is a reference to HBO’s Westworld and how Dolores is triggered to become violent. I say this phrase aloud to myself and realize I’ve used her accent in the show, the slightly southern prairie girl accent. I wonder if I was about to become like Dolores in my dream? The patterns on the blue dress might be a reference to the patterns I’ve been trying to sense and understand on a metaphysical level, or the ones Dolores is forced to repeat over and over, until she seemingly changes direction? Maybe my Dad also didn’t want me to have the gun, because it symbolizes when I wanted to kill myself?


My landlady made a deal with me to take $ 10/ day off my rent because I was watching 2 little dogs for a friend of hers. On Tuesday, my left front tire blew out while I was driving back from a job interview. On Wednesday I asked my landlady to drive me to the bank, so I could move money from savings to checking for the repair and so I could give her my rent money. I handed her $300. Then she said, “I was thinking it should be $400, since I watched the dogs part of the time too.” She didn’t watch them for 10 days worth of watching them, but I didn’t feel like I could argue with her. I didn’t feel like I was in a position to defend myself, so I took out another $ 100 from my ATM and gave it to her. I didn’t even write a check for proof of what I paid her, like I usually do.

Feeling angry toward my landlady on Wednesday was starting to trigger vindictive feelings and thoughts of how I could get back at her. Maybe my dream was about to take on a Westworld theme, in which I play the role of Dolores in my blue prairie dress, so sweet and passive on the outside, but with a rage building inside as I recall all the abuse I’ve suffered? I was getting angry at Life for all the crap and hardship I’ve been through.

On Wednesday, after the trip to my bank, I had my landlady drop me off at the plasma center, so I could get $ 45 for having my blood pumped out, separated in a centrifuge, then having my blood cells and cold saline pumped back in.  The movie “Inception” was playing on the screens above the donor beds. I watched it in a strange state of mind. In the movie, the characters are in a dream world, with different levels, as they try to manipulate the mind of another man. As I watched it, I was feeling like physical reality isn’t fully real, like it’s just one level of reality.

I thought the level the gods work on is the level above our physical reality. Dream reality is one level. Cyberspace is one level. Virtual reality platforms like Second Life are another level. I thought that maybe when I’m doing effective spell work, I’m connecting to that upper level the gods work on. – I thought later that I often feel like I have one foot in normal reality and one in one of these other worlds, which is partly why I call myself Persephone.

The movie and my state of mind allowed me to have an altered state of consciousness in which I could easily imagine, visualize and sense my ideas. As I looked at the wall in front of me, I was able to visualize my favorite little beach in Fort Bragg. (Donors aren’t allowed to close their eyes for long while donating, in case they might fall asleep or pass out.)  I felt like I could sense and communicate with my Goddess here at this mentally imagined beach. Taking advantage of this altered state of consciousness, I decide to recite in my mind and mentally cast my favorite money spell. (This kind of mental magic is called Inner Temple work. Outer Temple work uses physical tools and rituals.)

When I recited the spell in my mind, I identified with the seed in the line, “As the rain upon the seed.” This line symbolizes money coming like rain falling upon a seed, a natural nourishing force. (Many people subconsciously think they don’t deserve money when they try to cast a money spell, which makes it not work. The wording of my spell evokes the sense of money being a natural force to which anyone is entitled – like the tide, rain, fruit growing on a tree, or honey made by bees.)


Westworld does play homage to Disneyland, by the way, a place where our imagination becomes real, so we can play in it. In Westworld the dark turns of human imagination are allowed to run free. – “These violent delights have violent ends,” was a warning to me not to give in to the dark turnings of my own imagination. It was a warning not to become vindictive and spiteful, which was how I was starting to feel Wednesday night.

As a witch, when I feel angry toward someone I know pretty well, they sometimes have bad things happen to them, even if I don’t consciously try to hex them. I can’t say this to mundane people, because if they believe it even a little, they might feel afraid of me, which is not good. If they don’t believe it, they’ll think I’m weird and delusional, which isn’t good either. Some things are better left unsaid when trying to navigate living in both the mundane and the magical world.

After my landlady took more money than she should have from me for my rent, then dropped me off at the plasma center, she accidentally locked one of the little dogs I’d been watching in her bedroom. He tore up the carpet near her door while we were both out. When I got home, I heard him barking from her room and let him out. I thought, “Don’t piss off a witch,” and smiled in schadenfreude.

Normally people will say this was just a coincidence that she left the dog in her room and it damaged her carpet at the same time that I was angry with her. Yet, I’ve seen this same kind of thing happen before when I was angry with people. When it happens once, it’s easy to call it coincidence, but when it happens multiple times, there might be some underlying causal action.


I had another dream later on Thursday morning. In it I’m poor and maybe homeless, since I’m pushing a shopping cart with my possessions in it. I’m still finding good things around me though. I come to a big public library and collect books that are being thrown out. They aren’t great, but I see some potential in them. I open one that seems to be in a foreign language and it’s all tables of these symbols I don’t understand. It seems like it’s for magical work of some kind. Maybe it’s in Arabic? Most of the other books are fiction. I put them in my shopping cart with a few other things I have.

I see Kathrin (my former landlady and friend). I go to talk with her, but she seems hostile toward me. She says the books I have are crap. I say they’re not very good, but they’re not that bad. Then she says I’m not even supposed to be here because she put out a restraining order against me after I was stalking her. [This is not from real life.]  I say I’m sorry and I won’t bother her anymore. She leaves. I go back into a library building behind me.

One of the librarians sees me and says I’m not supposed to be here because there’s a restraining order against me for the whole Sacramento public library system. She points out a green sign that says I’m supposed to stay 17 feet away from this building. I apologize and say I didn’t see that.

I go outside again and see the same kinds of green signs on the outside of the building. I move to a circular spot in the middle of the walkways between these buildings. The buildings are white marble. The walkways are lined with birch trees with light green and yellow leaves. The setting is very pretty. I don’t think it’s fair that I’m not allowed to go to any libraries anymore, but I think I can still find books in other places. [This idea may come from when I found books lying on the ground at the grocery store parking lot, the free ones I found at a food closet, and the ones a lady gives away for free at our local farmers market.]

I woke feeling first sad, then angry. I never tried to stalk Kathrin, though she was probably afraid I might follow her to her new apartment, hex her, or say bad things about her. I think these 2 dreams came from my anger toward my roommate and current landlady for taking advantage of me, and my anger toward how Life has treated me. I felt like I wanted to lash out and hurt someone, but I was restraining myself. I don’t really want to hex anyone. The green restraining order signs refer to me retraining myself so I won’t hurt someone. I don’t know why the distance on them was precisely 17 feet. That might be a precognition about something that could make sense later. In this dream I’m being kept from one of my primary sources of power – access to knowledge. I still have nature around me as a secondary source of power though.


Today (Friday, Sept 1st), I went to 2 used book stores this morning. Thinking back to the Dimple used book store on Broadway, near the Tower theater, the scene in this later dream might have been precognitive of my visit here. I didn’t find books being thrown out, but I did find an odd bunch of empty CD cases tossed out. The pathways in my dream crossed at a kind of crossroads point, and this intersection is definitely a crossroad. The trees in real life weren’t birch trees (symbolic of new beginnings), but there are plenty of trees and bushes here. At that store, I got a science fiction book for 65 cents, by using points on my Dimple VIP card. At the second store, I got a book on how to read horoscope natal charts, which is kind of like the magical book in my dream. It’s in English, but the astrological signs are kind of like a foreign language. It’s also a reference book with some tables and charts.



Recovery After The Storm – Tarot Spell

Tarot Spell - Recovery After Storm

I might use this spread for a tarot spell, but I was actually just exploring the symbolism of these cards together. They fit well for the last couple years of my life, but could also work for recovery after a hurricane or similar natural disaster. All of these cards from the Llewellyn Tarot deck refer to Welsh mythology and differ from the more common Rider-White-Smith deck in having more water in their imagery, which of course symbolizes emotion.

1. The Tower here refers to a tale in which a raging storm inundated a castle and village, turning the land into a lake, in punishment for the injustice and greed of the lord of the castle and his court. A traveling bard was playing at a drunken celebration at the castle, when a little bird warned him, saying “Vengeance, Vengeance”. The bard escaped to a high hill. Then the storm came and covered the castle, leaving no trace in the morning of the court or the castle.

The Tower represents destruction, upheaval & major change. It’s usually a bad card to get in a reading, unless your life needs a major shake-up.  If I were to use this spread for a spell, this card would represent all that I lost last year, my home, practically all my stuff, my best friend, and my sense of security and trust.

2. The Temperance card usually shows a woman pouring water from one pitcher into another, with one foot in a stream. In this deck, she represents the story of a city that was inundated and covered by a magical well when the priestess of the well failed to cover it at night. Instead of being drowned, though, she was turned into a mermaid, while her faithful dog was turned into an otter.

I especially like this card to represent me in this spread, because the mermaid-priestess and her dog remind me of myself and my dog. This card represents temperance, moderation, adaption, self-control, managing a volatile situation with calm, grace under pressure, healing, reflection, balance, a confident survivor, bridging two worlds, the successful mixing of opposites, visionary art, beneficial transformation, creating a nurturing environment, and finding inner peace.

3. The Chariot card in this deck shows Manawydan (son of Lyr, whose name means the sea). He is related to the Irish Manannan Mac Lyr and is one of the most admirable, evolved temperaments in Welsh mythology. He’s a skilled craftsman, a seasoned warrior, and a wise, patient, faithful and loving husband and step-father. He rides a self-propelled boat, which is said to ride across the waves, “as if the sea were a plain of flowers”.

The Chariot card represents a journey, success in a difficult or multifaceted endeavor, courage, competence, maturity, leadership, being centered and secure, a high-minded approach to life, balance and harmony, integration of opposing forces, control over inner and external conflicts, ambition, conquest, honors, life unfolding at an accelerated pace, yet being able to maintain direction and focus to achieve a goal. It can also represent a rescue (as from the cavalry). Once again water (which is not in most Chariot cards) here represents emotion, while the two horses represent being able to control opposing forces. I like this card to represent myself conquering my own emotional turmoil and all the forces around me, in order to get the job I want.

The cards in this spread move upward from left to right, indicating steps toward a higher, more secure, more prosperous, and more evolved position in one’s life. If I were to continue this spread to make it more specifically about getting a good job, I might add something like the following cards:

Tarot Job Spell 4

4. The Ace of Pentacles represents being offered a job. Pentacles represent money and material things. The Ace represents beginnings, news and offerings.

5. The 8 of Pentacles represents working competently and steadily at work one enjoys.

6. The 4 of Wands represents a secure, happy and stable home, but can also represent a secure, happy and stable workplace. The bridge crossing a stream in this picture, represents a transition from one state to another.

Get into the proper state of mind for casting a spell by doing whatever rituals you do for spell-casting. This might be casting a circle and evoking the guardians of the 4 directions or might be as simple as lighting a candle. Focus on each card in turn and say what you want it to do. End your spell with something like “So Mote It Be” or even “Amen”. Then thank and release your guardians, uncast your circle, or just blow out your candle.

New Moon & Manifestation Work

Nearly New Moon

(Sorry, I’m rambling a bit at here.)

I went to a farmers market, Trader Joe’s, a tarot spell class, and a new moon ritual yesterday. I spent about $11 at the farmers market, $20 at Trader Joe’s, $10 for the class, $10 for a bee pendant, and $4 for a jar of “new job” salt. (I’m keeping track of my spending because I have to make my money last until I get a new job.)

The class was obviously based on a book I recently bought at a used book store, so while it was good, it wasn’t much new information for me. I didn’t mind paying for it though, because the teacher was the same one who taught a great class on hoodoo potions the week before, including a bunch of free samples. Even though I didn’t pay for that class, I’ve since bought items from her product line.

Lately I’ve been doing more magically than mundanely to get a new job. This is of course problematic, because magic can’t work if it doesn’t have a path to work through. Months back I dreamt of a small pyramid that said “As above, so below.” The rest of that saying is “As within, so without.” The full moon and new moon rituals I went to, as well as my spell work and magical baths are part of me working on my “within” blocks to getting a new job.  Now I need to work on the “without” stuff. The new moon is a good time for this.

I said something in the ritual that worried me, then I worried if it’s right to publicly discuss stuff that happens in ritual. When I was involved in another magical group, our rituals were private, so I’m used to the idea of not discussing what happens in ritual. This was a public ritual though, so maybe it’s ok.

At the end, some of us said things we wanted to manifest in the world. One person asked for the impeachment of Donald Trump. I said. “No, Peace,…and Harmony.” I worried over saying this, because I think it’s wrong to say “No” to what someone else says in a ritual. I also thought it was wrong to say something that was so specifically political at a public ritual, in which we don’t know everyone’s political leanings. I have a bad habit of responding to questions or otherwise commenting when the person wasn’t speaking to me. Maybe this is because I think I know so much – a common Virgo tendency, but not one that’s very endearing to people. I think my intention was good, but I shouldn’t have said “No”.

This comment and my response to it made me think of something. Witches all over the US have been doing spell work to prevent Trump from being elected, then to get him out of office. This didn’t work at first, because he was elected, but maybe it’s helping to get him out now?  His administration seems to be imploding while he behaves like a spoiled toddler having temper tantrums. I don’t think he’s completely stupid, but he’s been behaving very stupidly. I personally despise him and admit to quite a bit of schadenfreude when I see his administration imploding.

Anyway, at the ritual I was more concerned with the stress and anxiety people have been feeling. In a post on a witchy Facebook book group, someone asked if people were having more nightmares and feeling off lately. People said they are. I think this is because of all the tension and violence in the world and in the news. We all feel it, even if we’re not watching the news constantly. It invades our subconscious and our dreams. I asked in the ritual for this pervasive tension to be lifted, for the good of everyone. Then I wondered if it might serve a purpose too?

There are two things I often ask for in my own life: Security and Feeling Secure. Even though it might seem counter-intuitive, these are separate things. Being safe and secure means one won’t be physically hurt, but even when one is safe, one might not feel safe. One might be in a constant state of anxiety, which makes it very hard to get things done. On the other hand, one might feel perfectly safe, when they really aren’t, which means they might not act to protect themselves. Either of these states is bad. The ideal is to both be safe and feel safe. My usual problem is that when I feel anxious, it’s hard for me to get things done, so I need to feel safe. Sometimes though, I also feel too secure when I need to be working on protecting myself.

Maybe the people of this world also need to feel unsafe, when we are unsafe? Maybe we need to not feel protected and complacent? Maybe we need to worry about rising oceans, melting permafrost, raging wildfires, warfare in distant lands, other people staving and dying, other people losing their homes and homelands, other people hurting, other people feeling scared, other people feeling threatened and angry. Each of us might be more or less safe and secure in our homes and lives, but we’re all connected to these other people too, and what they feel and experience does affect us.

If one is psychically sensitive, massive anxiety in other people will affect them. Empaths feel this the most acutely, but we all feel it at some level subconsciously. If you watch or read the news and have even a normal level of empathy, you’ll feel it and be affected by it. Even if you don’t feel it as anxiety or sadness, you’ll be affected indirectly by the actions of these other people.

People displaced by famine and war have to go somewhere. Maybe you won’t have thousands of displaced immigrants moving into your town, but what about the homeless people in your parks and alleys, under your bridges and on your sidewalks? You might not care about polar bears drowning, but rising sea levels will affect most of us eventually. Maybe all you’ll notice personally is the price of food going up in your supermarket, but world events eventually trickle down to affecting all of us now, because we’re economically and socially connected, as well as being metaphysically connected.

People who are scared, hurt and angry tend to do things that can hurt other people. This was why I asked for Peace and Harmony in this world, but I don’t want it to be the kind of Peace that keeps us from noticing that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. If your neighbor’s house is on fire, you need to help put it out, not sit in Zen-like peacefulness inside your own house.

For this new moon I want to manifest safety, security and prosperity for myself.

I also hope for better safety, cooperation, and harmony for our world.



Liminal Spaces (and a dream)

three rooms

The word liminal comes from the Latin word limen, meaning threshold – any point or place of entering or beginning. A liminal space is the time between the ‘what was’ and the ‘next.’ It is a place of transition, waiting, and not knowing.

Examples of liminal spaces are doorways, shorelines, airports – or a birth canal. These can be viewed as magical spaces where transitions take place. A hotel room can be viewed as a liminal space, because it’s not our home, yet is our home away from home. It’s a place we stay when we’re between places, and it evokes a kind of magical safe space for us in a world of strangers.

The moment of Now is also a liminal time, because it is neither the past nor the future, but is a becoming point for what will soon be.

I dreamt yesterday morning that I was in a big, old hotel. I go to my room and find it’s a nice corner room with soft yellow light coming in through the blinds. The furnishings look old, but not shabby.  I go out to explore the rest of the hotel. Then realize I don’t have a key to my room. I think that when I go back I’ll be locked out, if I can even find my way back.

Holel Room 509

I try to find my way back, but come to the hotel kitchen instead. I think there are many passageways in this hotel, and some of the rooms may be changing as I stand here. I think some passageways lead to rooms that could be scary, but others will be normal and nice. I like the idea that there are choices here, so someone could experience a scary, haunted hotel if they wish, or a nice, normal one if they want that. I open the door to the kitchen, finding it’s unlocked. I think I don’t need to worry about being locked out of my room, because I’ll find other, not-scary rooms that are unlocked and where I can feel safe. I walk through the kitchen, then through a service hallway that leads to a service elevator that guests don’t usually use.

A man who works in the hotel is standing here. He might be a concierge and seems like a dream guide. He says I can take the elevator if I wish and that there is one guest room that is outside of time and space. That sounds interesting, but then I wonder if I were to go into it, if I’d have a hard time getting back. I imagine the room with old furnishings. I imagine people from the 1920’s or 1930’s being in it. I wonder if the people who go into that room end up feeling sad and lost because they can’t get back to their own time, or if they sometimes can get back to where they feel they belong again. I also imagine a kind of liquid running down the outside of the walls of the room and wonder if it’s like an elevator that moves through time instead of going up and down through space. I think going into that room might be dangerous, so I don’t try to find it. I don’t go into the elevator either.  (End of dream)


There were lots of doors, a key, hallways, and an elevator in this dream. These things are symbols for metaphysical passageways and crossroads. The man I speak with at the elevator is a crossroads guardian, a kind of psychopomp in the dream world. The overriding theme was of having a multitude of choices and opportunities in life. I can choose to be afraid or not afraid. I can choose adventure or security. I can’t be sure of everything that will happen, but I don’t have to feel threatened and vulnerable if I don’t want this.

This hotel was not a normal place. It was what I call a crossroads local. I believe that crossroad locals in dreams are where the dreamer can go to different places, different time settings, and even different metaphysical planes.

With the idea that there are different realms of existence, comes the idea that there are spirits or deities that guard the crossroads between these realms. Examples of crossroads deities are Hermes, Mercury, Papa Legba, Elugua, Hecate, or an archetype I call the Guardian of the Crossroads. Historically, marketplaces were set up at crossroads, so these deities sometimes became associated with marketplaces and commerce, as well as with travel, thieves, and liminal spaces.

I’ve found that in my dreams crossroad locals can be places were roads meet, doorways, caves, stairwells, cemeteries, train stations, airports, docks, shopping malls, and now apparently hotels. These are places where I can become lucid, the dream setting and feeling can change, and I might get guidance from a dream guide.

I read recently about a writer who had been looking for a specific book, but couldn’t find it. (This was before Google and Amazon.) One day she found it lying on the ground in a grocery store. Obviously this was a gift from the Universe or from whatever spirits were looking after her. What she didn’t seem to realize in my opinion, was that this could have been a gift from the Guardian of Crossroads, because a shopping market is symbolically connected to the idea of the Marketplace, which is in turn connected to metaphysical Crossroads.

People who are sensitive to subtle energies can feel when a physical crossroads is also a metaphysical crossroads. These are sometimes places where people will leave special markings or offerings. Occasionally shrines are built here too. A common example are places where someone has died in a traffic accident, so their family and friends leave flowers, pictures, and sometimes toys to help guide the deceased spirit to the other side. I’ve seen a few spots near crossroads where people have left other unusual markings. Even if these locations didn’t have much magical energy to begin with, repeated use by people as spiritual locations intensifies the spiritual energy here.


A hotel, especially an old hotel would probably be another kind of metaphysical crossroads because of the idea of liminal spaces. (Also, Inns where often placed at crossroads, just as were marketplaces.) A hotel room is not a home, yet functions as a home away from home. It is both a public space and a private space, or a protected, private space in the middle of a bigger public space. It’s kind of like a magic circle in a way, because it’s a bounded space in which the person who holds the key to it can feel safe and protected for a limited time. The person is in transition from one place to another, one state of being to another, yet they are protected for a time in this special place. Imagine in how many rooms, over how much time, these liminal spaces are created within an old hotel. Opening the door to your room, opens the circle. Releasing your key back to the hotel desk, releases whatever spirits protected you while you stayed there. No wonder writers love to create TV shows about weird, old hotels where strange things can happen.