Mendocino-Coast-Botanical-Gardens 2

One night last week I started to count favorite places in my mind before I fell asleep.

The first I thought of was the Botanical Gardens in Fort Brag, California. They’re right on the coast, with waves crashing on the rocky cliffs below, so the smell of sea & seaweed mixes with that of flowers, pines & fragrant herbs in the air.

I thought of the Firth of Forth, near Edinburg, because I like cold, rough, rocky beaches as well as tropical ones.

Black Basalt Beach - Lighthouse

Then all the other beaches I thought of were ones in Second Life – Black Basalt Beach, Baja Norte, the beach by Spirit Bath House, Dreamers Island…I realized the forest of palm trees & prim shadows under them on Dreamers Island are just like those on the little island I visited in the Bahamas on a cruise ship vacation with my mother in RL. I love some beaches in SL as much, & remember them as clearly & fondly as favorite ones in RL. They spark our memories & feel real in our minds. As long as they look good & have the sound of surf, they relax me almost as much as a RL beach would.